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First Offshore ICG offers anyone who buys the first offshore company and open an account abroad special prices for ready-made companies in Belize, Panama and BVI, as well as individual system of discounts on other services.

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Regulations and Terms of Service.

First Offshore®. Russian Translation 2018

First Offshore® full compliance with AML and KYC recommendations "Know Your Customer" under the current International and Domestic standards and is guided by the Principles of Due Diligence in the same way as do the Registration Agents, Financial Institutions, Audit, Legal and Accounting Firms and other actors Anti Money Laundering Legislation, FATF recommendations and Basel III Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, containing guidelines in the field of banking regulation and regulations imposed by the particular country in which the non-resident company, the most important of which are:


Beneficial Owner (Client, UBO) - a natural or legal person who, directly or through a representative instructed First Offshore® to register a company or instructed to acquire from third parties and has ownership of the company and its assets, and benefits from the activities of this company.

Designated person - authorized by the client (in writing) and submitted First Offshore® person responsible for dealing with specific issues related to the client and the company's activities.

Professional intermediary - lawyer, accountant, investment advisor, trustee, or other specialist, performing missions on behalf of the client.

Services - activities that occur First Offshore® with respect to the client company, including the registration of the company, its management, the provision of services of a registered agent, secretary, nominee directors or shareholders, trustees, representing the bank, consulting and other similar services.


All instructions and requests concerning the client or the client's company services provided by First Offshore®, should be provided by the client in writing.
Notification First Offshore® related with all services deemed received if they were sent to the postal address, e-mail or fax, provided by the customer First Offshore®. Skype, Viber or phone call not accepted by sides for the formal reasons.
First Offshore® shall not be liable in the event of failure to follow instructions received from the client, or portions thereof, and are not responsible for the consequences of non-receipt or late receipt of instructions from the client for any reason.

First Offshore® reserves the right to read or correspondence, documents or other information obtainable at the office First Offshore® customer's name.
No written or oral agreements, which, according to the client, has been achieved between his company and First Offshore®, may not be in conflict with these terms of service.

First Offshore® is released from all obligations if the client were violated these terms and conditions, or if it becomes known about the use of the client company to carry out activities other than stated in the order form, or activity without issuing proper licenses on or if it becomes aware of the false information provided by the client on any aspect of the company.
First Offshore® is not responsible for damage or loss of the client, the client's company or a third party, which have arisen as a result of providing First Offshore® services.
First Offshore® reserves the right at any time to refuse to cooperate or suspend the provision of services to the client without prior notice or notification of reasons.


Customer is responsible for obtaining advice on tax, management and other legal issues relating to the activities of the client.
First Offshore® is entitled to represent the client specialists to address these issues, but is not obliged to provide advice on tax, management and other legal aspects of the client's company. First Offshore® is not responsible for the quality and validity of the professional advice received from the experts submitted First Offshore® client.

The Customer undertakes to provide First Offshore® signed the order form and declaration of the beneficial owner, including all the necessary information. Also, if possible, the customer provides any other information required by banks, brokers or other third parties involved in the process of providing First Offshore® services to the client.
The Customer undertakes to provide First Offshore® correct contact information and instructions on issues related to the company client as well as the list of required services.
This includes, inter alia, to inform about the details of First Offshore® transactions, provide copies of agreements and contracts, as well as timely notification of any actions the customer, which can lead to undesirable or legal consequences.
First Offshore® is not responsible for any consequences resulting from the Client to give incorrect information.

Client agrees not to involve the company in any activity that is in conflict with the laws of the jurisdiction in which this activity is carried out, or the laws of the country where the customer is a resident and / or taxpayer or activity that is associated with the restrictions imposed by the existing sanctions against countries or regions of certain countries, embargoes or explicitly prohibit. Customer understands and agrees that he alone is responsible for determining the legality of the company, as well as the fact that the First Offshore® is not responsible for the illegal actions taken by the client in person or on behalf of the company.
Customer is responsible for all financial obligations of the company. Customer agrees that the First Offshore® is not responsible for the financial obligations of his company.
Client excuse First Offshore®, all affiliated companies, as well as directors, employees and agents from any and all claims, liabilities and obligations (including payment of the judgment), related to the performance of these terms and services provided to the client or the client's company.


First Offshore® guarantees the confidentiality of customer information and the company received in the course of providing services, including, including names, titles, contact information and any other information about the customer or the company.
Information provided by the client or obtained First Offshore® at time of service, are stored in a safe place, which is accessible only by authorized employees First Offshore®.

First Offshore® guarantees that such data will be used only for the purposes for which they were provided.
Information about the customer and the company can not be transferred to third parties without the prior written consent of the client or for use for purposes other than those for which it was provided.


Director, First Offshore® provided by the client shall be obliged at any time to review the client's request with respect to his company or the services provided. However, the client is not entitled to require the directors provided First Offshore®, perform the actions that may be deemed inappropriate, illegal or unethical.

Termination of service of directors granted First Offshore® client, on the basis of a written request of the client.
Nominee Shareholders provided by First Offshore®, signed Declaration of Trust in the name of the client or the person authorized by the client for this purpose, with respect to the shares held by, in accordance with the law, this nominee shareholders. Derclaraton of Trust issued by Nominee Shareholder and valid all term of prepaid service, and could be reissued next prepaid period.

First Offshore® or registered agent in the relevant jurisdiction may conduct the change of the registered office of the company, which may lead to change the mailing address of the company, also to change nominee director and shareholder, which may lead to change nominee signatory of all documents.. The fact of the commission of such acts First Offshore® shall notify the Client. The client agrees that the First Offshore® is not responsible for the cost and expences of the client associated with the change of the registered office, nominee director and shareholder/

The Customer undertakes to pay all the negotiated and agreed fees for services upon receipt of invoice (invoice) from First Offshore® and under the condition that the services are rendered to him. The client agrees to pay the cost of services First Offshore® at prepaid basid if another agreement has been reached between the client and First Offshore®. Customer agrees that the First Offshore® is not responsible for any fines levied on the client or the client's company.
The client is solely responsible for informing the First Offshore® on the termination of the company or a decision to refuse services First Offshore®. If such information was not provided on time, the customer is liable for resulting consequences.


These terms and conditions may be modified only by a written consent First Offshore®.
These terms and conditions shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with and the legislation of the Republic of the United Kingdom. All disputes arising in connection with the observance or non-observance of these terms and conditions shall be settled and resolved by arbitration in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. To avoid disputes and First Offshore® client agree that the decision of the arbitral tribunal will be binding on both parties.
For all directors, secretary, shareholders, beneficial owners, the Customer must provide every year notarized by Notary Public and translated into English information:

  • Proof of Identity - a copy of the internal passport and a passport to travel abroad
  • Proof of Address - Proof of residential address (address registration) in the form of a utility bill Utility Bill or other document that performs this function.
  • Bank Reference letter - bank reference in the form of a bank reference letter or credit card statement with additional info.
  • Professional Reference letter - a letter of recommendation from a licensed lawyer, audit, legal and others. Office.
  • Curriculum Vitae - CV curriculum vitae / Resume.
  • Other documents and filled Due Diligance forms if required by particular jurisdictiona KYC and AML requrements

Each beneficial owner must sign a letter of undertaking nominee directors and shareholders english language - in the case of use of nominee directors / secretary / shareholders) and the Declaration of the beneficial owner, the essence of which confirms that that the above company, which is owned by beneficial client will not be used in any of the following cases:

  • Money Laundering;
  • Profit from drug trafficking;
  • Benefit from criminal activity;
  • Terrorist purposes and for purposes related to military activities;
  • To conduct any other illegal activity or activity requiring a license or being controlled in the jurisdiction of incorporation of the company;
  • Any business with such countries or regions of the country in which the business which may be from time to time imposed international sanctions the EU, US, UN or other international organization;
  • To carry out actions that can compromise First Offshore® and its employees or is immoral from the point of view of public morality, including to any services and online services in the field of entertainment for adults (adult online services, online casino, gambling), the activities of financial pyramids or HYIP-structures, services for the sale of prescription and controlled drugs, generics sales, sale of copies of goods registered trade marks (replica), the sale of cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, and any activity that is associated with the spread of online digital content that violates copyright.

Buying a shelf offshore company or ordering service of new offshore company incorporation or renewal of the offshore company via First Offshore® Client full confirm and agreed with the abovementioned and also due to the performance of nominee directors and shareholders of office management and shareholding company customer undertakes and agrees to perform the following:

  • during the time the service is completely exempt from First Offshore® liable for costs and damages that may periodically weave out of or related to the provision of this service, or in connection with any action taken or not taken by you as a director, secretary, and nominal shareholders of the company, as well as from any actions, complaints, claims and expenses that may arise in the performance of your actions in that capacity.
  • the client and the person authorized by the client will not give you instructions for actions that are contrary to the laws of the United Kingdom or any country, in the jurisdiction of residence of the company, or instructions, the execution of which may require the First Offshore® any liability
  • pay in time all fees and necessary expenses associated with the execution of the service provided, which will be periodically stipulated (if the cost of services will not be matched in time, you can stop these services at your discretion)
  • oral and written instructions can be transmitted by telephone, fax, telex, e-mail, regular mail or in any other way, and you can act on the basis of these guidelines, without any liability or obligation on your part, and we undertake to authorize all steps you made for the implementation of these guidelines.
  • agreements and commitments taken by us and are also accepted by our administrators, executors and authorized representatives in the regions.

First Offshore® reserves the right to refuse new company incorporation or sell shelf offshore or extension of the Company at its sole discretion
Compliance Department Contact: compliance@first-offshore.com (Ukraine)